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Here you’ll find a listing of all my books (please be patient, this is a graphic heavy page).You can download a simple printable PDF of my booklist titles or download an attractive, printable PDF of my booklist titles, with book covers and detailed information. whiskeycreekseries

Download a simple, printable PDF of the Whiskey Creek Character Summary

WhenWeTouch WhenLightningStrikesmdnew whensnowfalls150 WhenSummerComes HomeToWhiskeyCreekmd Take Me Home for Christmas Cover

Come Home To Me

The Heart Of Christmas Cover ThisHeartOfMineCover


Honor Bound

Of Noble Birth

Through The Smoke


Insidesm1 inseconds2md inclose2md deptsixseries WHITEHEAT bodyheat2010 killerheat2010 laststandseries 9780778324126_smp.indd9780778324607_smp.indd9780778325260_smp.inddcover_perfectcouplecover_perfectmurdercover_perfectliar stillwatertrilogy cover_deadsilence cover_deadright cover_deadgiveaway singletitles cover_everywakingmoment ColdFeet TakingTheHeat superdundee ABabyOfHerOwn AHusbandOfHerOwn AFamilyOfHerOwn AHomeOfHerOwn StrangerInTown cover_biggirlsdontcry cover_otherwoman cover_couldabeenacowboy super cover_sanctuary cover_shootingthemoon cover_wesawmommy cover_dearmaggie cover_babybusiness150 cover_snowbaby cover_expectations anthologies love_is_murdermd stories_from_the_heart that_christmas_feeling cover_morethanwords cover_motherplease onceuponachristmas thenightbeforechristmasmed BE Mine Xmas Novellas Together For Christmas